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Brick Lane

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London is really a fantastic place to visit and it is such a remarkable city where ones get so many things to observe and accomplish. Brick Lane in East London is like heart of London and tourists like to visit Brick Lane, one extremely popular area. The spot is famous for numerous things, including its nightclubs, world renowned graffiti and a great number of cultural restaurants, particularly those of Indian descent like Preem Brick Lane restaurant, a 17 years experienced eating place. If you like Indian food or curry, you will get the best of those at Preem Brick Lane restaurant in Brick Lane.

A short history of Brick Lane

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Brick Lane is called a safe place for refugees with a long history for centuries. It’s a center of London’s Bangladeshi people. Brick Lane has been turned into a place where immigrant communities new to London have settled. The place was located outside of the Roman city wall rural up until the 16th century. So too was nearby Spitalfields (the evidence of the name). People did not start to inhabit in these areas until long after the Romans were gone.

The Roman city wall became gateways for migrants into London and the arriving group of people brought the trades for which the street would become well known and in one particular case the trade it was named then.

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In 1550, the area was almost totally devoid of constructions, but the ground in the area was mature with the muddy needed to form bricks and tiles. Then, in 1666, the Great Fire of London, a major blaze that swept all the way through the central parts of the London, including Brick Lane. The fire devastated the medieval City of London inside the old Roman city wall and wooden buildings. As a result, the requirement for bricks amplified. The area’s high-quality quality clay made it a leading place for the manufacturing these bricks.

Towards the streets, there was a brick kiln northern end, and bricks from there were rolled down the lane to Whitechapel Road. The 17th century marked a shift in the street’s mood. The Black Eagle brewery arrived and the market that continues to thrive today began trading livestock and produce. A suburban street distinguished by its melting pot of residents, Brick Lane’s later resident communities continued to form the uniqueness of the road.

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Irish immigrants came in the 1840s, settling close to the docks, then came the Jews from Eastern Europe, incoming among the late 19th and early 20th century. The most recent transformation of Brick Lane was in the 20th century’s from south Asian immigrants, they even keep a nickname for the street, and that is ‘Bangla Town’. Bangladeshis arrived in 1950s and 1960s, a large number of whom settled in Brick Lane and Spitalfields. The street was yet again changed, this time into the extensive association of curry restaurants, for which it is well known at present. Bangla Town, Brick Lane, whichever you can call it that has always been renowned for its many reliable curry restaurant including Preem Brick Lane restaurant, a high quality Indian restaurant, which offers a great familiarity and great customer service.



Why Brick Lane is so prominent

  • Communication is very important in this running era. Communication is very easier from Brick Lane, which make the place more popular. The spot is located in the heart of the East End. Brick Lane is easy to get to from central London and the next-door tube is Aldgate East on the Hammersmith and City line. Liverpool Street station is the adjacent train station with National Rail services and Shoreditch High Street above ground station is just a little walk away.


  • Brick Lane festivals and markets are so popular for the inhabitants and visitors. Every year many visitors from Europe and other parts of United Kingdom come to the spot. Most of the visitors like shopping from different markets of Brick Lane. The Sunday Upmarket and Backyard Market at the Old Truman Brewery where one will be able to look through a massive gathering of vintage style, jewelers, melody, art, crafts and bric-a-brac. East London is equivalent with street art, artists from all around the world come to this spot for painting, knowing that visitors to Brick Lane and the surrounding streets are thankful for their hard works.


  • One of the major attractions of Brick Lane is the variety of ethnic restaurants. Indian food is very popular in this area and a number of the restaurants are globally renowned for their curry. It is a interesting information that it was named Curry Capital in 2012! Tourists will have no trouble finding an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane as there are over 50 curry restaurants on Brick Lane. Therefore, the tough part will be to decide where you will go, so to save you the hassle of deciding, I will suggest you go to Preem Brick Lane restaurant, which offers authentic Indian sub-continental dishes.


It is not a matter that what type of atmosphere you take pleasure in, most people feel the necessitate to visit Brick Lane at least one time while they are staying in London. Among the society, the shopping, the arts and the variety of cultural dining most people are able to discover something amazing that they enjoy on the place. Different people like different things as they are created like this, so it depends on every individual human being to experience all that Brick Lane according to his/her own choice, own decision.



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Chicken Korma

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Cook the ideal chicken korma

There are many dishes, which could be cooked with chicken and many of us like to eat chicken in home and restaurant but sometimes we get confused to choose the dish. Here you will get the chicken recipe that you will never get boring with this, rather you cannot forget the dish. The name of the recipe is ‘Chicken Korma’.

A brief description of its history
Chicken Korma, a respected conventional mellow Mughlai dish, is made of coconut – cashew nut paste and yogurt to give a decent sleek rich buttery sauce or gravy. The great Moghul Emperors made this giant gift to the Northern Indian cooking. They gave this recipe using cuisine procedures, which were mainly comparable to those of the west but raising them to new dimensions with their beautiful blends of flavors and herbs. Korma was made for joyful events and are considered by lots of experts to be the greatest appearance of the master chef’s skills. We won’t utilize the red bean stew powder and the chicken is cooked and pleasantly mixed with green chilies, pepper powder and entire Indian flavors, so that it will not an very hot dish.

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It is a prominent food in North-India and a large portion of the Indian food lovers like the rich smoothness of the korma and in the event that you might want to eat it somewhat more smoking or spicier, then one can include bean cookig powder.

Korma spelled as Qorma in Urdu and it could be made in vegetarian and non-vegetarian style. Chicken Korma is demonstrative of the Moghul cooking of Northern India, set apart by smooth curries, butter dishes and fragile flavors, but in Iran, ghorme is a solid sauce of herbs and vegetables frequently utilized as a part of stews.

Traditionally, a korma is characterized as a food where meat or vegetables are braised with water, stock, and yogurt or cream.

The procedure covers various styles of korma and chicken korma is one of the fortunes of the Mughlai food from all the variety of the chicken curry formulas. In Chicken korma, it’s a greater amount of the pleasant rich smooth paste of the nuts (cashew nut) and coconut that truly hauls out the fragrance of the flavors inside and improves the taste and kind of the dish.

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The kind of korma depends on the blend of flavors, including ground coriander and cumin, consolidated with beaten yogurt reserved under turning sour heat and poured in gradually and precisely with the meat juices. Customarily, this dish would be cooked in a pot set over a low fire, with charcoal on the cover to give all-round warmth.

A korma can be gently spiced or searing and may utilize sheep, chicken, hamburger; some kormas join meat and vegetables, for example, spinach and turnip. Korma is generally referred to a fat, cream based paste or gravy. It is constantly famous for its mellow fieriness from the nuts like almonds or cashews and coconut. This low cooking temperature is typically very hard to accomplish, yet in the result that done accurately brings about an essential dish.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

Below are the ingredients that you have to use for making the tasty dish:

250ml plain, full-fat yoghurt

8 skinless, boneless chicken thighs

4 tbsp double cream

1 tsp saffron threads

1 tbsp rose water

50g cashew nuts

60ml vegetable oil/4 tbsp ghee

4 cinnamon sticks

10 cardamom pods, lightly crushed

1 onion, finely chopped

6 garlic cloves, crushed

2 tbsp ginger, finely grated

¼ tsp freshly grated nutmeg

25g sultanas

1 tsp fine salt

Seeds of 1 black cardamom pod, crushed

Procedure of cooking

Cut the chicken into vast chomp measured pieces and marinate down the middle the yogurt for no less than three hours at (cool) room temperature, yet ideally eight to 12 in the cooler. Before you need to cook, take it out thirty minutes.

Warm the cream delicately until it warms. Now remove the warmth and blend in the saffron and a large portion of the rose water. Leave to implant and put the cashews in a little bowl with five tablespoons of warm water and leave to drench.

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Warm the fat in a wide, overwhelming based, lidded container over a medium-high warmth. Whenever hot, include the cinnamon and green cardamom units and once the cardamom begin to pop, add the chicken and dark colored all sides, in groups if essential, then lift out of the dish and put aside. Include the onion, turn down the warmth somewhat and sear until delicate and sautéed, blending consistently so it doesn’t get.

Mmix the cashews and their drenching water to a smooth glue while the onions are cooking. Blend the garlic, ginger, nutmeg and sultanas into the dish and cook for two or three minutes, then include the cashew glue and mix well. Remove the warmth and mix in the rest of the yogurt and the salt. Now include the chicken, alongside any juices and yogurt marinade, and convey to a stew. The size of chicken will depend on the size of pieces, so check a piece after 8 minutes, there should be no pink remaining.

Cover firmly, until the chicken is cooked through, turn down the warmth as low as could be allowed and stew for around 30 minutes. Blend in the cream and cook for an additional five minutes, then mix cardamom and the staying rose water if you think it needs it, just before serving. Now enjoy the dish of chicken korma that taste you will never forget.

Calories of Chicken Korma

Some nutritionists calculate the quantity of calories of this popular recipe ‘Chicken Korma’. You can take a look below to know the measurement:

Whole Fat: 10g

Saturated fat: 4g

Monounsaturated fat: 4.0g

Polyunsaturated fat: 1.5g

Cholesterol: 4mg             –

Sodium: 560mg

Carbohydrates: 48g         –

Fiber: 2g

Glucose: 2g

Protein: 24g      

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin A: 50mg

Vitamin C: 2.0mg

Calcium: 150mg

Iron: Nil

Fatty acids: Nil

Amino acids: Nil

The calories amount is based on a 2,000-calorie diet, so values could be varied according to ones calorie requirements.

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Indian Curry

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best curry brick lane area

Indian curry is generally popular in India and its neighboring countries, however, it has a great popularity in Britain also. Curry, plural curries, is a dish starting in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. The familiar characteristic is the use of difficult mixtures of flavors or herbs, generally including fresh or parched hot chilies. The use of the term is generally limited to dishes prepared in a paste. Curry dishes cooked in the southern states of India might be spiced by means of leaves from the curry tree.

History of Indian Curry

If we see the history, we will find that the word ‘curry’ was used in British for the first time cuisine to represent dishes of meat (often-leftover lamb) in a Western-style sauce flavored with curry powder. The first curry recipe in Britain appeared in The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse in 1747 and the first version of her book used only black sprinkle and coriander seeds for seasoning of ‘currey’. In the fourth version of the book, other ingredients such as turmeric and ginger were called for and the application of hot spices was not stated that reflected the limited use of chili in India chili plants had only been launched into India around the late 15th century and at that time were only admired in southern part of India.

Many curry recipes are contained in 19th century cookbooks, where some recipes were for curry powder that contains coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, mustard, ginger, allspice and fenugreek although it was noted that it is more economical to buy the powder from any reputable store.

best indian curry brick lane

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, curry became popular in Britain due to the large number of British civil servants and armed officers connected with the British Raj. After World War II, curry became more popular in Britain due to the great amount of immigrants from South Asia.

If you’ve spent any quantity of time in London, especially in Brick Lane, you have spent a portion of that time ingesting bird tikka masala, or at least smelling chook tikka masala. In case you’ve lived in London, no question you have two or three favorite Indian restaurants, including Preem Brick Lane, a high quality Indian restaurant, which offers a great familiarity and great customer service. Anyway, the curry house of Brick Lane has changed the chip shop as England’s canteen, a humble yet beloved neighborhood icon. Indian meals now money owed for two thirds of all food eaten out in the U.K, giving food to 2.5 million people in every week.

best indian curry in brick lane

Fortunately, for many fans nearby Brick Lane has long been measured the home of London’s most excellent curry and this part of the city experienced an arrival of Bangladeshi and India migrant employees in the 1970s, and, by the end of that decade, Brick Lane had become home to several Indian-Bangladeshi restaurants. As with many sectors of London, this street’s restaurant picture has fallen in and out of favor with cooking reviewers over the years. A few years reverse, it was recommended that Brick Lane’s restaurants had let standards drop and, with all of the restaurant fronts claiming some food award or other, dining in Brick Lane fell out of style.


All of this has changed now as East London and Brick Lane have made a cookery response. This is unquestionably the place where you get the great Indian curries that are very tasty as well as healthy. Especially if you come at Preem Brick Lane restaurant, which is serving various delicious Indian curries for 17 years, you will be just amazed by its dishes. It is a well-known and old brand among local Londoners as well as for all European and international tourists. It has achieved ‘Silver Award’ for healthier way of cooking and serving.

Some Indian Curries

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You will find many Indian curries in various restaurants in Brick Lane. Here I will mention some names of Indian curry that will help you to choose the dish, which will be better for you.

Dopyaaza:  A curry where small fried pieces of onion is added in the sauce and then larger chunks of lightly cooked onion are included towards the last part of the cooking.

Jalfrezi: The jalfrezi is cooked to stir-fry green peppers, onions and plenty of green chilies as the foundation for a curry with just a little paste. The chilies make the jalfrezi flavor very fresh but at the same time also make it very hot curries.

Bhuna: Bhuna is a cooking procedure where spices are smoothly fried in abundance of oil to bring out their aroma. The dish ‘bhuna’ is an addition of that procedure where meat is included to the spices and then cooked in its own juices that result in strong flavors but very little paste.

Chicken Tikka:  Chicken tikka cooked in a tomato heavy curry. Chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish on the Indian restaurant menu and the chicken tikka pieces should be aromatic and slightly smoky from the tandoor. Tikka masala usually has a profound red color, achieved from the use of non-natural food colorings.

Salan: Chilli and peanut-based curry from Hyderabad.

Chicken Korma:  A thick curry made with chicken, yogurt, seed paste, nuts and your choice of meat or vegetables.

Makhanwala:  A butter-based curry.

Kofta:  It’s a meatball Curry.

Moilee : A runny fish curry cooked in coconut extract.

Sorpotel:  A vinegar-based pork curry.

In conclusion, it is no doubt that Indian curry is very popular in whole Britain, including Brick Lane, for its taste. Residents of the Brick Lane as well as tourists come from different countries of Europe like to have their favorite curry from Indian restaurants, specially from Preem Brick Lane as Preem Brick Lane restaurant is very popular for serving all of Indian curry items.


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Lamb Shank, a great source of taste and calories

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best indian curry in brick lane

Lamb Shank, a great source of taste and calories

Lamb is a very versatile animal protein and readily available at local markets of Britain. Lamb refers to the meat of a sheep, which is younger than one year old. Lamb meat is very good for health and people like it so much. However, lamb shank is the dish that contains such a delicious taste, which one cannot forget. However, the Brick Lane city, a city of east London, is very famous for lamb Shank. The city people, Bengali and non-Bengali, all like to eat Lamb Shank. The Preem Brick Lane, a high quality Indian restaurant, is very popular for this dish. There are many restaurants in Brick Lane but Preem Brick Lane is incomparable for their taste of Lamb Shank. Therefore, if someone wants to take a rememberable taste of Lamb Shank then he/she has no alternative other then Preem Bricklane restaurant.

However, you can make the delicious dish and enjoy it at your own home! However, you may not know the recipe of lamb shank. No problem, I am going to share the recipe with you, you can try it. It must be so tasty, but for perfect taste, Preem Brick Lane is much better.


best curry restaurant in brick lane

At first, you should know what ingredients are needed for lamb shank. Below ingredients are needed for serving 6 persons:

2.5 tbsp olive oil/ vegetable oil

6 lamb shanks

For the spice mix

1.5 tbsp fennel seeds

1.5 tbsp coriander seeds

1.5 tbsp cumin seeds

1.5 tbsp mustard seeds

2.5 star anise

For the casserole

2/3 onions, peeled and finely sliced

A 4cm (2in) piece of root ginger, peeled and finely chopped

6 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

3 red chilies, sliced

1 x 600g tin plum tomatoes

800ml (1pt) chicken stock

2 cinnamon stick

10 prunes, stoned

To serve

The lamb shank is better to serve with cooked rice or potatoes.

Procedure of cooking

best curry house on brick lane

It takes patience to cook Lamb shank. You have to cut the Shanks and you may not know that the shank is one of the toughest cuts you can find on a lamb. There are various cuts of lamb, like rib chops, loin chops or shoulder chops and whole leg of lamb. You have some choices when you cuts others part of lamb. You can grill them, you can braise them, but with shanks, there is no such option.

At first, you have to preheat the oven to 160°C/fan 140°C/gas 3. Heat the oil in a lidded casserole and carefully add the lamb shanks until look brown on all sides. When the lamb shanks will be brown color on all sides then remove to a plate.

To make the spice mix, warm the spices in a dry pan until they are well toasted and fragrant. Leave to cool slightly, then bash with a pestle and mortar until you have a coarse powder. In the meantime, include the sliced onions and chopped ginger and garlic to the casserole. Now cook for highest 5 minutes until softened.

After that, put in the chilies and 1tbsp of the cooled spice mix, stir and cook for a minute, then add the plum tomatoes and break them down slightly using a spoon, made of wood. Boil the casserole, add the chicken stock and cook for 5 minutes. Now go again the lamb shanks to the casserole together with the cinnamon stick and the prunes.

Stir, then cover the casserole with the lid and place in the oven until the lamb is wonderfully tender and just falling off the bone. Now serve with cooked rice or potatoes.

Lamb shank nutrition

best curry restaurant brick lane

Lamb shank, like many meats, is a good source of protein and it provides lots of minerals and vitamins, particularly certain B vitamins, such as vitamin B12. All values below are for 3 oz. of lamb shank, trimmed to 1/8 inch fat.


A serving of lamb shank contains 184 calories and none of these calories comes from carbohydrates.


There is 22.7 g of protein in one 3 oz. serving of lamb shank. This protein is made up of 18 different amino acids where all of the essential amino acids remain. Lamb shank is particularly high in the essential amino acid lysines, which provide 17 percent of the suggested amount per day.


One 3 oz. serving of lamb shank contains 8.7 g of fat, where the fat is made up of 3.9 g of saturated fat, 4.1 g of monounsaturated fat and .7 g of polyunsaturated fat. This dish also contains 76 mg of cholesterol and it is more than 25 percent of the maximum recommended amount per day.


Lamb shank is a rich source of many minerals. It also contains phosphorus and potassium. 3 oz. of lamb shank provides iron also.


Though lamb shank contains no vitamin C or A, but it provides a lot of vitamin B. This 3 oz. serving provides 10 percent or more pantothenic acid and vitamin B6. Finally, one 3 oz serving of lamb shank provides nearly all of the vitamin B12 an adult needs in one day. Vitamin B12 is essential for metabolism and can help stop some types of anemia.

In fine, if you want a perfect and tasty dish of lamb shank, which will give you the ideal nutrition also, you must have to visit Preem Brick lane restaurant. The restaurant serves you the world’s best lamb shank. The Brick Lane city dweller as well as visitors come from others city and country never miss the chance to take the taste of lamb shank from the restaurant.