IPL and Laser Treatment Prices

All IPL and Laser treatments are subject to a full consultation and patch test, prior to any treatments being undertaken.


Price / session

Consultation and Patch Test £25
Laser / IPL Hair Removal Typically need around 6 to 9 sessions
Facial areas:
X-Small Areas e.g. Upper Lip, Earlobes, or between Eyebrow £48
Small Areas e.g. Chin, Extended Lip or Sideburns £68
Medium Areas e.g. Neck or Two Small Areas £88
Large Areas e.g Jaw, Chin and Lip or a Medium and Small Area e.g Neck and Lip £110
X-Large Facial Area e.g Jaw, Chin, Lip and Neck £145
Face £150
Face & neck £170
Body areas
Underarms £65
Upper or Lower Arms £100
Full Arms £160
Bikini Line £80
Extended Bikini Line £100
Brazillian Bikini £125
Bikini Line and Underarms £140
Extended Bikini Line and Under Arms £160
Brazillian Bikini and Under Arms £180
Lower Legs £160
Upper Legs £170
Full Legs £240
Full Back including Shoulder £240
Upper Back & Shoulders £165
Chest £145
Navel £75
Laser Tattoo Removal / Treatment Price / session may need 3 to 14 treatments, depends on the type of tattoo. Book a consultation for more info.
XX Small Tattoo £45
X Small Tattoo £66
Small Tattoo £100
Medium Tattoo £135
Large Tattoo £185
X Large Tattoo £240
Laser Pigmentation Treatment
Single Pigment Spot £60
Small Area £75
Medium Area £100
Large Area / Upper Cheeks £135
Small Hands £135
X Large Area eg Large Hands £170
XX Large Area / Full Cheeks £200
Red Vein & Rosacea Treatment 2-5 treatments are usually required.
Single Thread Vein £60
Small Area e.g Sides of Nose £75
Medium Area e.g Full Nose / Full Chin £100
Large Area e.g Upper Cheeks £135
Upper Cheeks & Nose £170
Upper Cheeks, Nose & Chin £200
XX Large Area / Full Cheeks £200
Laser Rejuvenation Treatment Includes IPL and a gentle face peel
Face £200
Face & Neck £250
Face, Neck & Chest £300
Hands From £135

Packages / Offers

View our special offers page to view offers for our laser treatments.
View our terms and conditions for for laser and IPL Treatments and for buying courses.

The number of treatments required varies significantly for different concerns and different areas. Some people benefit from only a few treatments for long term improvements and others need regular maintenance.

We do not sell packages with a large number of courses as they may not be necessary and are then wasted. We do however have a loyalty scheme which provides a discount when a treatment area still requires maintenance treatments after 9 sessions.

During your consultation we will discuss what can be achieved and the possible outcomes.