Red Vein removal

At Cheshire Lasers we provide treatments for facial thread veins and leg thread veins.


Facial Red / Thread Veins

We use Intense Pulsed Light for the removal of thread veins and permanent red flushing, on the face, as it can effectively and quickly remove veins that are too small for other removal techniques.

Consultation Procedure

Prior to any treatment one of our cosmetic technicians will provide a full consultation. The consultation identifies your expectations and provides a complete explanation of the treatment. A medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment and if you wish to proceed a written informed consent is obtained and a test patch is performed to confirm there are no adverse skin reactions to the light.

How does ipl red vein treatment work?

The intense pulsed light and laser system releases precisely controlled short pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by the blood vessel, heating it to a point where it is destroyed. Following treatment the vessels quickly clear and are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.

Which types of veins can be treated?

Most red skin lesions including facial thread veins, rosacea, spider naevi, port wine stains and leg veins up to 3mm diameter (by laser).

How ipl red vein treatment carried out?

You will be asked to put on goggles to protect your eyes. A layer of chilled gel is applied to the area to guide the light into the skin. The light applicator is placed on the skin and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area and the process is repeated until the entire area is treated. The chilled gel is removed and the area cooled.

Am I suitable for ipl red vein treatment ?

The fairer the skin, the easier the treatment. The best response is seen with small thread veins, spider naevi and rosacea. If there are any areas of broken skin, treatment has to be delayed until the area has completely healed.

How does the treatment feel?

No anaesthesia is required and most patients describe the discomfort as moderate and acceptable. Sensations vary but most describe it as a very quick hot pin prick.

Is ipl red vein treatment safe?

After treatment the area may feel warm for a few hours. Sometimes delicate skin areas such as the cheeks or décolletage could be red and slightly swollen for up to 48 hours. The vessels should fade quickly. Rarely the skin may become lighter or darker, or small blisters may form.

How long does each treatment take?

Treatments typically take from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type and size of lesion.

How many treatments are necessary?

Typically 1-5 treatments are needed for maximum results, spaced approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.

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Leg thread veins

Leg Thread veins are best treated with sclerotherapy and micro sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is performed at Cheshire Lasers by our aesthetic nurses Moira Grobiki and Jan Birch.

Sclerotherapy involves a series of small, injections into the veins to destroy the vein and improve the cosmetic appearance. A prescription treatment called a sclerosant is used which damaged the vein wall and causes the vein to become sticky and close off. At first the vein may look bruised, angry or inflammed but it will soon start to fade and disappear. Sometimes the vein can heal and repair itself so a course of treatments are often required for best results.

Before considering treatment for leg veins we ask that you arrange a consultation with to make sure the thread veins are not caused by venous incompetency ( leaky valves) deeper in the leg. Jan will also perform a patch test for the treatment, measure your legs and advise on graduated compression and vascular health.

Jan works with a surgeon she can refer you to, should you need more complex treatment.