​​​​​​​How is Balti cooked

Balti Curry

Fri, 04/11/2022

A balti curry is a type of curry cooked and served in a Balti dish or bowl, a wok-like cooking pot made of thin pressed steel.


Since Balti is named for the pot used to cook it, there is no specific list of ingredients associated with it. Traditional curry flavours like, tandoori, rogan josh, tikka masala and korma are all cooked in Balti style. Balti is cooked in an iron wok with a unique blend of herbs and spices, onions, green pepper and tomatoes, producing a lovely tangy but spicy flavour.


Although most standard baltis are cooked to a medium level of spice. Because of no specific ingredients, there is no specific level of spiciness of balti curry. However, restaurants are usually flexible, you can ask them to add more or less spice if you want.


How is Balti served?

Balti is served in the dish it was cooked in, so it will be very hot! Be aware when you order. The most common accompaniment to balti is naan or rice. Naans can be served cooked with coriander, cheese, garlic and minced garlic. But Peshwari Naan is served in a sweet form. Rice is either served plain cooked as a pilau or with mushrooms or other ingredients.