Best Balti Chicken on Brick Lane

Balti Curry

Sat, 13/08/2022

The Balti Chicken is one of the favourite Balti dishes on the menu.  Preem Restaurant & Balti House serves the best Balti dishes on Brick Lane. Chicken Balti is popular among them.


The dish Balti is associated with Pakistan, Northern India, and Birmingham in the UK. Some say that the Birmingham Balti developed because men who came to work in the UK in the 1970s were unable to bring their wives with them. So the dish was developed to be prepared quickly after a long day's work rather than being cooked all day.


According to many, the Chicken Balti was introduced in 1973. Hence, after this many restaurants across the UK became popular with Balti Chicken. Chicken Balti is cooked in an iron wok with chicken, a unique blend of herbs and spices, onions, green pepper and tomatoes, creating a nice tangy but spicy flavour.


Side dishes that go well with Chicken Balti

Our menu has a good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters. You can add any starter or main course dish to your meal.


The most common accompaniment to balti chicken is naan or rice. Naans can be served cooked with coriander, cheese, garlic and mince. But Peshwari Naan is served in a sweet form. Rice is either served plain cooked as a pilau or with mushrooms or other ingredients.


Preem Restaurant & Balti House is a premier and authentic Restaurant that has been proudly serving East London. Our mission has been to provide high-quality food for all who wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambience with skilful cooking into one extraordinary dining experience