Best Balti Houses in London

Balti Houses

Tue, 31/01/2023

London is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, and one of the most beloved cuisines in the city is Balti. Originating from the Pakistani city of Baltistan, Balti dishes are known for their rich flavors, spices, and fragrant aromas. If you're a fan of Balti cuisine and looking for the best places to try it in London, here are some of the top Balti houses in the city.

1. Preem Restaurant & Balti House

Preem Restaurant & Balti House is a premier and authentic restaurant. It has been proudly serving East London for a long time. Since then, they have been providing high-quality food for all those who wish to combine fun and enjoyable ambience with skilled cooking into one extraordinary dining experience. They serve up some of the best Balti dishes in London. The menu is extensive, and there's something for everyone, whether you prefer meat, fish, or vegetarian dishes. It is located at 122-120 Brick Lane, London, EI 6RL. The atmosphere is cosy, and the service is friendly, making it a great spot for a casual dinner with friends or family.


2. Rangrez

Rangrez is a popular restaurant in London that specialises in Balti cuisine. It is a popular spot for Balti lovers. There are a variety of dishes on the menu, including chicken tikka, lamb rogan josh, karahi chicken, and karahi paneer. They are known for their authentic and flavorful dishes and their friendly and welcoming staff. Their chefs prepare authentic and delicious dishes for the ultimate curry experience in London. They also offer a selection of biryani dishes and tandoori specialities. It is located at 32 Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 9PH. Rangrez is a popular spot for locals and tourists and can be busy during peak hours, so booking a table in advance is advisable.


3. Balti King

Balti King is one of the finest Indian Cuisines in Bracknell. It is amongst the pioneers of authentic Indian cuisine in the UK. Within a few years, it captured the hearts of Bracknell residents and has been a reputed household name since for serving up delicious Balti dishes. Their menu features a wide range of traditional dishes such as chicken tikka, lamb rogan josh, and prawn balti. They also offer a selection of biryani dishes and tandoori specialities. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, and the prices are reasonable, making it an excellent option for a casual dinner.


4. Lahore Karahi

Lahore Karahi is a well-known restaurant serving authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine, established in 1995. Despite the complexity of their dishes, their recipe for a great evening is simple: mouth-watering food, a lively atmosphere, and close friends. They make food that’s quick, flavorful, and affordable, so whether you want to stop by for a sit-down meal or grab a takeaway, Lahore Karahi will be a great choice.


5. Anmol

Because of its authentic subcontinental flavours, Anmol Restaurant is the best Indian and Pakistani food restaurant in Stockholm. The main course at Anmol Restaurant includes Indian and Pakistani cuisine. They have different types of dishes, including beef karahi, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, lamb karahi, etc. You can find the best Pakistani and Indian sweets and foods for any taste or occasion in Anmol.


These are just a few of the many great Balti houses in London. Whether you're looking for a casual dinner with friends or a special occasion with family, you're sure to find a great spot to enjoy delicious Balti dishes. So, next time you're craving some authentic Balti cuisine, consider visiting one of these top restaurants.