Brick Lane

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London is really a fantastic place to visit and it is such a remarkable city where ones get so many things to observe and accomplish. Brick Lane in East London is like heart of London and tourists like to visit Brick Lane, one extremely popular area. The spot is famous for numerous things, including its nightclubs, world renowned graffiti and a great number of cultural restaurants, particularly those of Indian descent like Preem Brick Lane restaurant, a 17 years experienced eating place. If you like Indian food or curry, you will get the best of those at Preem Brick Lane restaurant in Brick Lane.

A short history of Brick Lane

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Brick Lane is called a safe place for refugees with a long history for centuries. It’s a center of London’s Bangladeshi people. Brick Lane has been turned into a place where immigrant communities new to London have settled. The place was located outside of the Roman city wall rural up until the 16th century. So too was nearby Spitalfields (the evidence of the name). People did not start to inhabit in these areas until long after the Romans were gone.

The Roman city wall became gateways for migrants into London and the arriving group of people brought the trades for which the street would become well known and in one particular case the trade it was named then.

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In 1550, the area was almost totally devoid of constructions, but the ground in the area was mature with the muddy needed to form bricks and tiles. Then, in 1666, the Great Fire of London, a major blaze that swept all the way through the central parts of the London, including Brick Lane. The fire devastated the medieval City of London inside the old Roman city wall and wooden buildings. As a result, the requirement for bricks amplified. The area’s high-quality quality clay made it a leading place for the manufacturing these bricks.

Towards the streets, there was a brick kiln northern end, and bricks from there were rolled down the lane to Whitechapel Road. The 17th century marked a shift in the street’s mood. The Black Eagle brewery arrived and the market that continues to thrive today began trading livestock and produce. A suburban street distinguished by its melting pot of residents, Brick Lane’s later resident communities continued to form the uniqueness of the road.

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Irish immigrants came in the 1840s, settling close to the docks, then came the Jews from Eastern Europe, incoming among the late 19th and early 20th century. The most recent transformation of Brick Lane was in the 20th century’s from south Asian immigrants, they even keep a nickname for the street, and that is ‘Bangla Town’. Bangladeshis arrived in 1950s and 1960s, a large number of whom settled in Brick Lane and Spitalfields. The street was yet again changed, this time into the extensive association of curry restaurants, for which it is well known at present. Bangla Town, Brick Lane, whichever you can call it that has always been renowned for its many reliable curry restaurant including Preem Brick Lane restaurant, a high quality Indian restaurant, which offers a great familiarity and great customer service.



Why Brick Lane is so prominent

  • Communication is very important in this running era. Communication is very easier from Brick Lane, which make the place more popular. The spot is located in the heart of the East End. Brick Lane is easy to get to from central London and the next-door tube is Aldgate East on the Hammersmith and City line. Liverpool Street station is the adjacent train station with National Rail services and Shoreditch High Street above ground station is just a little walk away.


  • Brick Lane festivals and markets are so popular for the inhabitants and visitors. Every year many visitors from Europe and other parts of United Kingdom come to the spot. Most of the visitors like shopping from different markets of Brick Lane. The Sunday Upmarket and Backyard Market at the Old Truman Brewery where one will be able to look through a massive gathering of vintage style, jewelers, melody, art, crafts and bric-a-brac. East London is equivalent with street art, artists from all around the world come to this spot for painting, knowing that visitors to Brick Lane and the surrounding streets are thankful for their hard works.


  • One of the major attractions of Brick Lane is the variety of ethnic restaurants. Indian food is very popular in this area and a number of the restaurants are globally renowned for their curry. It is a interesting information that it was named Curry Capital in 2012! Tourists will have no trouble finding an Indian restaurant in Brick Lane as there are over 50 curry restaurants on Brick Lane. Therefore, the tough part will be to decide where you will go, so to save you the hassle of deciding, I will suggest you go to Preem Brick Lane restaurant, which offers authentic Indian sub-continental dishes.


It is not a matter that what type of atmosphere you take pleasure in, most people feel the necessitate to visit Brick Lane at least one time while they are staying in London. Among the society, the shopping, the arts and the variety of cultural dining most people are able to discover something amazing that they enjoy on the place. Different people like different things as they are created like this, so it depends on every individual human being to experience all that Brick Lane according to his/her own choice, own decision.