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Halal Restaurants in London. Find Best Halal Restaurants in London review.

We all love the authentic Indian sub-continental cuisine of the home in London, right? But finding halal authentic Indian food isn’t very common. Well, we have a wide range of authentic Indian food here in the heart of Brick Lane! London is a diverse and multi-cultural city the total population of over 8 million.

For them, some people like to eat in halal restaurants. But you know that a place is doing something right when it earns the reputation as a truly authentic Halal Indian dining experience. And perhaps it will give you almost high-end experience.

Halal Restaurants in London

Preem Brick Lane serving its great experience to its customers for many years. They are famous for serving up a dining experience as good as you can expect to get at any restaurant or street corner in East London.

Before you go to a restaurant you must be aware of the quality of Halal food, the environment cooking methods etc. Overall a good restaurant will have all these in place.

Now here we are giving our halal restaurant full review, where you will find exact information. And make up your mind for an exclusive dining experience.

In London, there are many restaurants, one of them Preem Brick Lane. We provide 100% Halal food. Now let’s know all about our restaurant’s food, quality, environment, item list and many more.

Short Intro

At first, let’s know about this restaurant environment. This restaurant has various characteristics. Firstly, it located in heart of Brick Lane in Aldgate. Mainly this is an Indian food based restaurant. Where Indian subcontinental traditional foods are served. The environment is excellent and suitable for everyone.  Its open for everyone 7 days a week. You can reserve it for any occasional party like a wedding, birthday or other corporate events/purpose.

Preem Brick Lane Food Quality:

Now let’s discuss this restaurant food quality. Food quality is just awesome! Food rating we can give 10/10. Cause food quality & food serving style really different from others.  There is no reason to worry about food quality because they have 5-star rating from the local authority on food hygiene.

Preem Brick Lane Restaurant Food Item List:

The food item list is another important characteristic. Before visiting us, let’s see all the food list. And choose anyone what food you like to eat.  Here you will get a different type of foods. Indian Food is like other traditional food. As a result, everyone will find here the expected food.

  • Tandoori Starter
  • Tandoori Dishes
  • Poultry
  • Lamb Curry Dishes
  • Vegetarian Dishes
  • Balti Specialities
  • Chef’s Speciality
  • Preem Specialities
  • Fish & House Specialities
  • Seafood Dishes
  • Biryani Dishes
  • Rice & Breads
  • Vegetable Side Dishes

Here is the top food list, which are most popular amongst our customers. You can choose anything from it or make a custom order according to your desire.

Just to remind, you must get some refreshing beverages while you’re tucking into your favourite Indian dishes at Preem Brick Lane.

Overall Preem Brick Lane restaurant one of the best for Halal food in London. Here is the map you may visit our restaurant by following the exact address or google map.

See also customer google review from here. Also, share your experience and give a review.

Final Word:

We try to represent here all kinds of information about Preem Brick Lane Restaurant. And this restaurant deserved as a Best Halal Restaurants in London. If you have any questions kindly comment or contact this website authority. Below we give the full address.


118-122 Brick Lane,

London E1 6RL

Mail: info@preembricklane.co.uk


12.00 pm to 2.30am

HOTLINE for order

0207 247 3713