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People of London are passionate about food and they love to have their food from various restaurants, especially from Indian restaurant. Over the last few decades, Indian restaurant has become an integral part of British culture like Preem restaurant in Brick Lane that is providing authentic Indian food and many other dishes for 17 years. One of the interesting thing is that most of the Indian restaurant in Britain is possessed by Bangladeshi. According to the guardian, more than 8 out of 10 Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom are owned by Bangladeshis and the majority of them (95%) come from Sylhet, a division of Bangladesh. The guardian also informed that in 1946, there were only 20 restaurants or small cafes Bengalis; in 1960 the number increased by 300 and by 1980 the number become more than 3,000. At present, according to the Curry Club of Great Britain, there are 8,500 Indian restaurants, of which approximately 7,200 are Bangladeshis.

A brief history of Indian restaurant in Britain
The Indian restaurant industry is flourishing more than ever in the Britain but British have long been fans of Indian food as the curry house has been around in form more than a pair of centuries. The origins of Indian restaurant in UK can be traced back to The East India Company that was set up in the 17th century for Britain to traffic goods through the Indian subcontinent. As the British influence in India escalated because of this trade, so that the interest in Indian food and restaurant back in the UK. Indian recipes were published and curry powder was prepared commercially in 1780.

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Hindoostane Coffee House, the first coffee houses of London that comprise curry to their menus, was owned by Sake Dean Mahomed, a fascinating Bengali tourist, medical doctor, entrepreneur and head in the British East India Company. Dean Mahomed launched the first dedicated Indian restaurant in 1809 at Portman Square of London and it was an area that intended for ‘the Nobility and Gentry where they might enjoy the Hookha with real Chilm tobacco and Indian dishes of the highest excellence.”

In modern times, in the early 20th century, navigators from what was to turn into Bangladesh opened eating foundlings in London for affiliates of their individual communities, which begun becoming more marketable in the 1940s. Following the liberation war in their home country, many Bangladeshis arrived to London in 1971, and the restaurant business opened eagerly.

Indian restaurant in Brick Lane
Brick Lane is a prominent tourist spot located in East London and many people like to say it curry Lane for many Indian restaurant that are serving there for approximately two centuries. Indian restaurant in Brick Lane has gained countrywide recognition and commend for excellent quality of food and service. At the same time these Indian restaurants, including Preem restaurant, has been making it fashionable for everyone of Brick Lane, others people of London and tourists who come Brick Lane to eat Indian foods.

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Preem restaurant in Brick Lane is one of the most favorite’s restaurants for tourists who come from several countries of Europe. It offers authentic, healthy, fresh Indian cuisine using only the finest ingredients and freshest goods.

Some popular dishes of Indian restaurant
Most of the cuisines that are provided by many Indian restaurants in Britain, including Brick Lane, are really very tasty and you never can forget the taste. If you visit in Brick Lane, you will find many Indian curries in various restaurants in Brick Lane. Here I will mention some names of curry that will assist you to select the dish, which will be better for you.

Lamb Shank: Lamb shank, like many meats, is a good source of protein and it provides lots of minerals and vitamins, at the same time it is very delicious dish. Lamb shanks are slowly simmered with fresh rosemary, garlic and tomatoes. Great served with cooked rice or roasted garlic mashed potatoes. You will find the Brick Lane’s best lamb shank at Preem restaurant.

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Dopyaaza: A curry where small fried pieces of onion is included in the paste and then larger chunks of lightly cooked onion are added towards the last moment of the cooking

Jalfrezi: The jalfrezi is cooked to stir-fry green peppers, onions and plenty of green chilies as the basis for a curry with just a little paste. The chilies create the jalfrezi taste very fresh but at the same time also make it very hot curries.

Bhuna: Bhuna is a cooking process where spices are smoothly fried in great quantity of oil to bring out their aroma. The dish ‘bhuna’ is an addition of that procedure where meat is included to the spices and then cooked in its own juices that result in strong flavors but very little paste.

Chicken Tikka: Chicken tikka is cooked in a tomato heavy curry. Chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish on the Indian restaurant menu and the chicken tikka pieces should be aromatic and slightly smoky from the tandoor. Tikka masala usually has a deep red color, which is achieved from the use of non-natural food colorings.

Chicken Korma: It is a thick curry that made with chicken, yogurt, seed paste, nuts and your choice of meat or vegetables.
Makhanwala: It is a butter-based curry.

Kofta: It is a meatball Curry and very delicious.

Moilee : It is runny fish curry cooked in coconut extract.

It is no doubt that Indian restaurant is very famous in entire Britain, including Brick Lane, for its authentic Indian foods. Residents of the Brick Lane as well as tourists come from different countries of Europe like to have their favorite curry from Indian restaurants, specially from Preem Brick Lane as Preem Brick Lane restaurant is very popular for serving all of Indian fresh and tasty curry items.