Check Out Some Best Indian Restaurant Brick Lane

Do you think you know the best restaurants in London? Foodies TBR’s 12 of the most important local and international bloggers to vote for the best restaurants in London of 2020. One of the 12 bloggers is Rayan Haler restaurant critic for elite Traveler magazine. Here he is with their answers get ready to discover the best restaurants in London for 2020. Hi, I’m Rayan Hale London is a great restaurant city and I’ve lived here for over 30 years so picking the best restaurants is no mean task and the panel of bloggers who did the survey will have to have it just as tough a job as I did in choosing their top restaurants. 

So we’re going to go through these restaurants. But stay tuned because afterward, we’re going to select the two restaurants that came top of the survey. 

The first restaurant that can be named as a preem brick lane and this is famous for the best curry house on brick lane. If you look at a brick lane Indian restaurant then you can see that the preem brick lane is so famous among the restaurants.

The Next restaurant on the list is the Iraqi two Michelin star sushi restaurant from a chef who was three Michelin star chef in Tokyo and has now moved to Mayfair. The offers are no choice I work as a menu and the Iraqi is certainly far from the cheapest restaurant in London. India may be the most expensive but it nonetheless offers top-class sushi and arguably the best sushi in Europe.

The next restaurant is the Ritz in Piccadilly where John Williams heads a vast forgave in the kitchen of this large restaurant. The dining room is very beautiful and the food is very classical and in particular, the kitchen is known for the strong pastry section. So they have a dish full of gateau saint-honore but which is particularly beautiful. The restaurant finally got its first Michelin star this year I’ve been sort of banging on about this for a long time that they deserve that star and in 2016 they finally got the recognition. That they deserve next on our list is beast which is neither beast of a restaurant. 

It’s no choice sort of menu they specialize in protein. This is a kind of like a bit like Valhalla in terms of the dining room so it’s lots of benches. It’s very rustic lots of people drinking too much they specialize in high-quality steak and in particular in this giant Norwegian crap king crab which is a huge creature and that’s that’s the beast that gives the restaurant its name. now choosing restaurants is not an exact science and you may have your ideas about the best restaurants in London in which case came to hear from you so please either post a comment on this video or contact foodies TV the fourth restaurant.

 On our list is the quality Chop House in Farrington as the restaurant has got a lot of history started as literally as a working men’s canteen over a century ago and in the last few years has been taken over and changed its format slightly though the basic benches. Remain these days you get pushing at least to sit on the food is transformed as well and they’re noted they’re modern British cooking and in particular, one dish which is the sauteed potatoes. 

In place of chips, this is a very real favorite among lots of restaurant reviewers before I name the last in this section of the best restaurants in London. Very mind in the next video we’re going to name five more of the top restaurants and in particular, we’re going to name the two best restaurants in London. 

The last one in this section is Bauman’s columns are in the auction house in Piccadilly and it’s young chef Tom Campbell is noted for its use of very very high grade. Produce it deservedly got a Michelin star in its first year and as a bonus, Collins has got by some margin the best value wine honest in London